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PODHALE - Institute of Women's Health is architecturally the most beautiful sanatorium resort of Połczyn Spa Resort Group PGU SA located in the French part of the Spa Park. It is one of the sanatorium, thanks to which Połczyn-Zdrój is called "health resort with a soul". Nearby flower carpets and fountains give this place a special charm. Not only the location, but the past of Podhale decides about its importance. "Podhale" has a symbolic contribution to one of the most important chapters of the history of Połczyn Spa. It is here where the first center of gynecological balneology in Poland - infertility treatment and women's diseases, founded by doctor Gromadzki. It is thanks to this that the saying "Want to have a daughter or son, send your wife to Połczyn" is known throughout the country.

From the outside, the building impresses with the architecture characteristic of spa facilities from the early twentieth century. Inside, it is worth paying attention to the rest-sunny beach, and the spectacular hall for 200 people. In the immediate vicinity there are tennis courts with bike rental, and the start of a 3 km long health path. In the nearby "Gryf" sanatorium, you can use the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, gym or cafe services, which are also located in the "Podhale" Sanatorium. There is wireless access to the Internet via a Wi-fi network.

There are single, double, triple, quadruple rooms and studio rooms waiting for guests - a total of 131 spaces, all of which are of a high standard with a full sanitary facility. You can use all the treatments offered by Połczyn Grupa PGU SA, so that you do not have to move to other facilities to complete the treatment. Only in order to take advantage of gymnastics in the pool you have to go to GRYFA, 100 m away.

PODHALE specializes in its healing tradition in sanatorium treatment in the field of women's diseases. Since the beginning of 2009, a modern therapeutic program for women's diseases has been implemented, which includes the following benefits in its scope:

early and late rehabilitation after gynecological operations,

post-inflammatory states of the genital organs,

the period of puberty,

ailments of the menopausal and postmenopausal period,

infertility, early and late rehabilitation after mastectomy.

Specialist medical staff in the field of obstetrics and gynecology employed in the Połczyn Grupa PGU SA, high quality of the treatments provided and the Pelczyn mud known for its medicinal properties are at your disposal.


Solankowa 8 street

78-320 Połczyn-Zdrój

Tel. + 48 94 366 2405

Mobile 604 069 852 (24h)