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Attractions of the region

Bike trails

Two very attractive bicycle routes have been designated for lovers of bicycle trips:


    "Blue" by Dębnica Pradolina - 25 km long - the route loop passes through such places as: Zaborze, Kołackie hills, Kołacz (Kołackie lake), then Ogartowo, Ogrodno to Połczyn-Zdrój.


    The "Red" Połczyn`s Switzerland Trail - 37 km long - the route loop passes through such places as: Ogrodno, Jaworowo, Czarnków, Gaworkowo, Toporzyk, Międzyborze, then Borkowo to Połczyn-Zdrój. The route is more demanding comparing to "Blue", not only because it is longer, but also because of the hilly terrain. However, the hardships of the trip are rewarded by unforgettable views of forests and lakes.


For cyclists who are counting on a relaxing and undemanding trip, a 30-kilometer bicycle path has been designated. It runs along the former railway embankment from Połczyn-Zdroj to Złocieniec. The route leads through the charming areas of the Drawski`s Landscape Park. There is a possibility of many stops, because every few kilometers there are benches and at the viewpoints there are so-called. "resting places", i.e. roofed gazebos, tables, benches, and even special places for a bonfire.



Learning to play tennis - tennis courts in the Spa Park at the Podhale Sanatorium

The offer includes:

    learning basic tennis forks, bach-hand, volley, service

    improving known technical elements

    exercises of multiple repetitions of selected beats

    rules and ways to move throught the court


Classes may be individual or group.

The cost of individual classes is 50 PLN / 1 hour

The cost of group classes (max 4 people) 80 PLN / 1h

We provide tennis equipment (rockets, balls, a machine for throwing balls).

The offer includes all age groups.


tel. 602 316 407


Four hiking trails lead through the commune:

    "Yellow" - 15 km long - the "yellow" trail is called the "city bypass". Its transition takes about 4-5 hours and allows you to view the main attractions of the city and the surrounding area.

    The "Red" Salt Trail - length 38.7 km - leads from Połczyn-Zdrój to Czaplinek by: Kłokowo (near Kłokowski`s Lake ), Five lakes valley, Kluczewo, the Prosino Lake, Kuźnica Drawska and Old Drawsko. It is a forest and scenic route. On the trail you can see numerous monuments (eg fortified settlement, ruins of the castle from the fourteenth century in Old Drawsko, church from the fifteenth century, antique tenement houses from the eighteenth / nineteenth century in Czaplinek, church, castle and downtown buildings from the nineteenth century in Połczyn - Zdroj and other) and many natural values, such as a beautiful landscape reserve - the Valley of the Five Lakes, or a historic park with a monumental funeral avenue from Kłokowo.

    The "Blue" route of the Połczyn`s Switzerland - the length of 56.8 km - leads from Połczyn-Zdrój to Czaplinek, among others by: Ogrodno, Dolina Bliskiej Struga, Valley of Five Lakes, Góra Czarnków, along Lake Koprzywno and Lake Dębno and Lake Dołgie Wielkie. It is primarily a forest trail. You can see many natural attractions of the Drawski Landscape Park, above all: a landscape reserve - Valley of Five Lakes, the highest elevation of the Park - Czarnków mountain (223 m), numerous erratic boulders in New Koprzywna, monumental specimens of trees, a manor and a park in the village of Uradz and other monuments. The trail runs near the viewpoints in Ogartówek, the Valley of Five Lakes, Luboradz, Parchlin, Uradz, Kuszew and Sikory and Czaplinek.

    "Black" Drawsko Nature Trail - 57 km - leads from Połczyn-Zdroj to Złocieniec by: Wilcze Jary, Wola Góra, Lipno, Uraz, near Lake Drawsko, the reserve Peatbog on the lake Morzysław Mały, the nature reserve Lake Czarnówek and along the lake Dłusko. On the trail you can see monuments and natural objects (eg peat-floristic reserve, water and flora reserve), and a half-timbered church with an 18th century churchyard, monumental oaks in Stary Worów, numerous churches and cemeteries, as well as Kluczowo and Połczyn - Zdroj`s monuments.


The Drawa river has its origin in the gutter glacial valley, the so-called Valley of Five Lakes, located between Polczyn and Kluczewo. It is the second largest tributary of the Noteć. Drawa is 185.9 km long. The route of the river is marked by the water route of Cardinal Karol Wojtyla. 28.8 km of the route flows through Drawski Park Krajobrazowy. The route is best to start in old Drawsko or Czaplinek, it runs through flowing lakes: Drawsko, Rzepowskie and Krosino. On the route you can visit the island of Bielawa, monuments of Czaplinek, Stare Drawsko and Złocieniec. Priest Karol Wojtyla, later Pope John Paul II, swam down the Drawa several times. The entire area along the Drava River is characterized by a varied relief, which is the work of the Scandinavian ice sheet. Picturesque moraine hills reach 219 m above sea level

Observation Tower

In 2005, on the Wola Góra, between the villages of Czarnków and Gaworkowo, the State Forests built an observation tower. Its main task is to protect forest ecosystems against fire, but the facility also performs a tourist function. It is a 48.5 meter-high reinforced concrete structure, located at an altitude of 216 m above sea level, near the largest in the area - Wola Góra 219 m above sea level It has internal lighted steel stairs, 216 steps leading to the observation deck located on the height of 41, 3 m.

Under favorable weather conditions, you can see a magnificent panorama of the Drawskie Lake District with its greatest attractions - remnants of the last Baltic glaciation forming a young glacial sculpture.