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Facial care treatments



Regenerating treatment (Marine DNA or collagen or elastin) - a 75 minute treatment that firms, smoothes, brightens and restores tension, combined with face massage at a price of 240 PLN


Oxygenating treatment with an ampoule Vit. C - a 75 minute treatment that intensively rejuvenates and illuminates the facial skin, combined with face massage at a price of 260 PLN


An exclusive treatment with escutox - a 75 minute treatment that visibly smoothes wrinkles, oxygenates and rejuvenates facial skin, combined with face massage at a price of 260 PLN


The "Zdrojowe Zacisze" company treatment - a 75 minute treatment, which is strongly regenerating and strongly nourishing, matched to all skin types, combined with face massage at the price of 200 PLN


Basic facial treatment by skin type - 50 minute revitalizing, nourishing treatment, improving skin condition, selected according to the skin type at 135 PLN




Intensive hydrating treatment - intensively moisturizing - a 60-minute treatment based on hyaluronic acid and Krasnorosta at 225 PLN


A treatment for mature skin - an intensive anti-aging treatment A 60 minute treatment with ceramides, amino acids and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for 225 PLN


"Sweet Relief" treatment - a 60-minute treatment to reduce the fragility of vessels, soothing, strengthening and vitalizing at a price of 225 PLN


The treatment for the eye and mouth area - a 30-minute treatment based on stem cells at a price of 190 PLN


Normalizing treatment - a 60-minute procedure that regulates and eliminates excess sebum, reduces glare and soothes, acts bacteriostatic, restores proper water-fat balance; designed for oily, mixed skin, with a tendency to acne in the price of 225 PLN


Exfoliating and brightening treatment PRIMALUCE - a 60 minute treatment that combats the signs of skin aging, smoothes, renews, normalizes and moisturizes. It gives elasticity, radiance and shine at a price of 210 PLN




Phyto Peeling - a program of deep exfoliation - a 75-minute treatment that affects the smoothing and nourishing of the skin, renews the keratin layer in the epidermis, activates collagen and elastin synthesis, normalizes the function of sebaceous glands at a price of 260 PLN.

For series of at least 3 treatments - 30% discount.


Banquet treatment with gold - a 75-minute treatment that affects the activation of cellular renewal of the epidermis, restoring skin elasticity, activating processes stimulating collagen synthesis at the price of 200 PLN


Anti-capsule program, anti-stress, anti-oxidant-50 minute treatment for sensitive and vascular skin, with signs of fatigue and premature aging, with dirty self-regulating mechanisms at the price of 150 PLN



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