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Mud is a special type of peat created as a result of prolonged decay of plants by bacteria in a warm and humid environment. Peat springs produced in Poland are of very good quality as they are not contaminated with environmental pollution. Due to the high activity of biological components and the excellent ability to maintain heat, the Połczyn`s mud deposits have a high impact and are among the best in Europe.

Mud is extracted just like brown coal, i.e. in an open-cast mine. Połczyn`s Mud is used for treatments performed only in Gryf, Borów, Podhale and Irena.

When heated to a temperature of 38-42 ° C, mud is applied on to the whole body or part of it (excluding the area of ​​the heart and head) as recommended by the doctor. The peloid treatments due to the temperature of the compresses are accompanied by intense sweating. Along with that, the body gets rid of unnecessary metabolic products. Heat accelerates the circulation of blood and soothes pain, and active ingredients of therapeutic mud dissolved in water (humic acids, enzymes, estrogens and micronutrients) penetrate deep into the body through the skin and even affect distant organs, such as the ovaries and uterus. In addition, there is also an inverse transport, ie from the skin to the layer of peat. In this way, the skin and the body are purified, and this phenomenon is called "skin dialysis".


On the basis of the original and unprotected mud, in the Polczyn Spa wrapping, fangs, fashions and tampons (used vaginally to treat women's diseases) are performed. The indications for treatments with the use of therapeutic mud are: degenerative processes of joints and articular cartilage, fixed with far-reaching changes, post-traumatic conditions of joints, bones, periosteum and muscles. The mud is also used in women's diseases such as infertility, chronic adnexitis, postoperative infiltrates, climacteric syndrome, and senile changes.

The mud also has a firming, moisturizing, regenerating, anti-cellulite and slimming effect (it is used for body contouring treatments)

Contraindication for mud treatments include: cancer, active forms of rheumatoid arthritis, febrile states, bleeding tendency, pregnancy, tuberculosis, kidney disease, respiratory and circulatory failure, acute inflammation, unstable angina pectoris, advanced atherosclerosis, hyperthyroidism , infectious diseases.