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General information for clients

Loyalty program:

Regular customers receive a "Regular Customer Card", which entitles them to 15% discount.

The card is given to a person who in the last three years, has used at least three times of at least 10-night stays in medical treatment.

The discount does not apply to any packages and does not combine with other discounts.

The Regular Customer Card expires in the event of a break in medical stays longer than 24 months.


Children stays:

Up to 3 years old - free accommodation

4 to 10 years old - 50% discount for a hotel stay with breakfast

11 to 15 years old - 30% discount for a hotel stay with breakfast

For children from 6 to 15 years old, after medical consultation, we offer free medical treatments (under the supervision of parents)

From 6-10 years old: 1 treatment per day

From 11-15 years old: 2 treatments a day

Above the age of 16, a 100% paid hotel or a traditional curative stay with treatments


Additional stay options:

A minimum curative stay is 6 days (5 nights).

For 15-day stays, customers receive a 5% discount and a discount of 22% for 22 days.

During the stay there is a possibility of using the loyalty program.



Car park - monitored 24 h is located in the Gryf Sanatorium at Solankowa 8 street.

Price: first 7 nights 10.00 PLN / day, next 5.00 PLN / day


Bicycle Rental:

The rental is open from April to mid-October. The cost of renting a bike is 8 PLN / hour, 42 PLN / whole day.

In the winter there is no possibility to rent bicycles.


Indoor pool / sauna:

Outside guests: Price 1 hour 15.00 PLN, children 10.00 PLN, 10 entries pass: 125.00 PLN, Children pass 10 entries: 78.00 PLN

NFZ / ZUS guests: Price 1 hour 12.00 PLN, the 10 entries pass: 100,00 PLN


Hotel day:

It starts at 5.00 p.m. on the day of arrival, ends at 12.00 on the day of departure


Curative day:

It starts at 5.00 p.m. on the day of arrival, ends at 2.00 p.m. on the day of departure


Basic healing treatments:

    Physiotherapy: Electrostimulation, Electroplating, Interdyn, Iontophoresis, Magnetronik, Terapuls, Ultradoxes, Sollux, Lapma Solaris, Point laser, Laser scanner, Diadynamics, Gymnastics in the pool, Individual instrumentation gymnastics, Slimming and slimming gymnastics, Individual exercise gymnastics, Group gymnastics, Cryotherapy, Wraps paraffin, tensa currents, saline inhalation, complex inhalation

    Dry massages: Vibrant massage, Classic massage

    Mud treatments: Mud compresses, Mud framings, Mud wrapping, Peat mud traps (Women Zone Package)

    Hydrotherapy: Carbonic acid bath, Brine bath, Pearl bath, Manual underwater massage, Underwater mechanical massage, Whirlpool massage, Scotch douche


Family rooms:

Thinking about the comfort of children and parents, we have prepared family rooms and apartments.

    Extra bed for the apartment 50.00 PLN per day / person

    Extra bed for a family room 38.00 PLN a day / person

    Extra bed in double and triple rooms 38.00 PLN a day / person


Spa tax:

According to the resolution of the City Council of Połczyn-Zdrój, from 1 January 2019, the fee is 4.40 PLN per day.

Children and students are exempt from paying the fee.



Each object has its own dining room. Meal times can be found on the residence card.

Guests have the option of buying additional meals:

    Breakfast buffet 14.00 PLN

    Lunch served to the table -20.00 PLN

    Dinner buffet -14.00 PLN

Meals for children (half portions): Breakfast / supper 7.00 PLN, dinner 10.00 PLN