Cosmetics with POLCZYN`S MUD

1. Natural soap with Połczyn`s mud
The soap contains the original peat extract, which is a treasury of active peat substances. The peat
extract improves dry skin condition and reduces its roughness. It has unique regenerative
properties and glycerin, which gently moisturizes and smoothes the skin.

2. Sparkling ball for bathing with Połczyn`s mud
The bath ball combines flower extract into fragrance. Thus, these beneficial baths provide inner
harmony, well-being and care. They also allowoffer a moment of respite and a little spoiling for
yourself and your senses. As part of the product, a bath ball with three mud baths is available in
three scents : Passion flower, rose flower and lemon with raspberry.

3, Face mask with Polczyn`s mud and Shea butter.
Mask has moisturizing properties and is intended for dry skin. In addition, itstrenghtens its color and appearance, counteracting the effect
of tired and irritated skin. It has a cleansing and astringent effect. In a word, oxygenates and
nourishes, while giving a feeling of freshness. After applying the mask, it causes the skin's outer
layer to soften, thanks to which active substances {Polczyn`s mud and Shea butter) penetrate
deeper and deeper through the stratum corneum of the epidermis.



4. Lemon and rasberry bath milk
The captivatingly fresh scent of exotic lemon and forest raspberry is a combination that transports
you to the land of relaxation and oblivion. Since ancient times, women used milk and honey to
improve their appearance. Famous for its amazing beauty Cleopatra and Marquis de Lencols,
thanks to the miraculous properties of milk baths have preserved their youth and beauty.

5. Two-phase body and massage oil with Polczyn`s mud Excellent mixture of vegetable oils:
Shea Oil, Avocado Oil (EKO cert), macadamia oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and natural extract peat bring
state odprężę- Bosnia and peace. Thus , massage with oils restores balance of mind and calms
emotions. It has a positive effect on all skin types , especially dry and sensitive, while the tempting
aroma stays on the skin for a long time.

6. Bath salt with Połczyn`s mud
Bath salt is a wonderful product that has a relaxing and regenerating effect. Only 30 grams of this
cosmetic is needed to be added to the water in the tub to affect the senses. Salt also moisturizes,
smoothes and firms the skin and relaxes tense muscles. Thus, a bath with the addition of
revitalizing salt is a great ending of the day, through the perceptible effect of relaxation and